This is no ordinary team. We break rules. There's no glory here. Only camaraderie and honor.
We push the limits in service of people worldwide.
Your Career with Aevum

Aevum was founded to provide the world with the technologies and logistics that are necessary to empower people to express their stories and to learn about the world we share. Through our offerings, Aevum seeks to help bridge the digital divide and transcend the unity of humankind beyond geopolitical, socioeconomic, and physical barriers.

The services of Autonomous Launch enable anyone to reliably deploy payloads and spacecraft to low Earth orbit (LEO). The subsequent democratization of LEO equips everyone with the ability to communicate freely, operate businesses worldwide, and solve global challenges, such as climate change or shipping traffic, by observing our world from space.

Our Locations
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Aevum Headquarters is located in Rocket City USA near downtown, Redstone Arsenal, and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Aevum's Huntsville facility is the center of our company operations.
Denver, Colorado, USA
Supporting Aevum's missions, engineering, and operations, Aevum's Denver team is leading the expansion of Aevum services worldwide.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Home to the first commercial operations of Aevum's autonomous launch services, the Aevum team at Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville is busy at work with orbital flight operations and regulatory compliance activities.
Remote Work
Team members of Aevum are located throughout the US. Those who share in our mission and values make up Aevum from anywhere in the world.
Our Work Culture

We have a lot of fun and aren't afraid of challenging the status quo when we believe it's necessary. Sometimes we randomly take a break from work to get beers or ice cream. Office pets have 100% success rate in getting us to work their favorite toy. We regularly breakout into laughs that last a little longer than it probably should in meetings, but that’s who we are.

With that said, this is not your normal startup. We’re not writing phone apps for millennials to look down at their phones and ignore their friends. We’re manifesting brand new technologies that have real world impact. We make hardware fly at 24 times the speed of sound and deliver lifesaving capabilities, in 180 minutes or less, to people that make our way of life possible. We support the defenders of order. We grind to enable people who look at life and say, “It's good, but I can make it better.” We do the math when everyone else thinks it’s impossible. We’re the calm people in the war room because we’ve already worked the solution in our minds while others are talking about it. Hard problems are just another casual day at Aevum.

We are professionals before anything else. Our customers demand it, our missions demand it, we demand excellence from ourselves and each other. Like all champions, we find balance for maximum performance. We take care of our bodies so we can push our mental capacity to its peak longer.

100% trust is nonnegotiable in our team. Our families always come first. Once you’re on the Aevum team, we take care of our own. As a company, we're ok taking 49 if giving 51 helps people. We honor tradition and old values as we continuously seek ways to be better.

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